Looking for a volunteer? 

Master Recycler/Composters are volunteers trained to conduct outreach on waste prevention, recycling, food waste, organics, household hazardous waste, and composting.

Master Recycler/Composters can:

  • Staff an information booth.
  • Give a presentation.
  • Plan and implement recycling, composting or waste prevention at an event.
  • Provide outreach to multi-unit complexes and businesses.

Master Recycler/Composters choose the volunteer opportunities that best fit their schedules, locations, and interests. The program cannot guarantee that a volunteer will sign up for any particular event. The Master Recycler program notifies volunteers about opportunities through an electronic calendar, social media and direct emails.

If you would like to have a volunteer opportunity posted to the Carver-Scott Master Recycler/Composters, please contact Brad Hanzel at bhanzel@co.carver.mn.us or (952) 361-1805.

2015 Carver-Scott master recycler/Composters

Elizabeth Adams

Mary Cockrum

Jesse Hunt

Tim Lies

Jennifer O'Connell

Jenny Speiker

Delane Wetterlin

Lane Bendzick

Christine Daniel

Jeanette June

Amy Lilya

Gina Phearman

Holly Spencer

Mike Bennett

Cameron Guthrie

Carolyn Kaare

Carter Logan

Alan Rugland

Dawn Torine

Karyn Braddock

Patrick Heaney

Joseph Kawalek

Christine Nyberg

Edward Speiker

Judith Wanschura

2016 Carver-Scott master recycler/Composters

Christine Campbell

Cindy Nevins

Ashley Deitering

Maria Ricke

Ruth Michaud

Lynn Zorn

Charlie Hautman

Aaron Stephan