Master Recycler/Composter Class Presentations

Fall 2015 PROGRAM

Week 1:  Tom Halbach,
Week 1:  Brita Sailer, Recycling Association of MN

Week 2:  Greg Boe, HHW Management in Scott County

Week 3:  Leslie Wilson,
Week 3:  Madalyn Cioci, It Takes More Than a Factsheet
Week 3:  Mike Weitekamp, Waste Wise and Energy Smart
Week 3:  Jake Duame, Carver County Multi Unit and Business Recycling Survey

Week 4:  Deb Gatz,
Week 4:  Ben Wetzel

Week 5:  Kate Davenport and Terese Hill, Make Dinner Not Waste: How to prevent wasted food at home
Week 5:  Anne Ludvik, Commercial Composting and Organics Recycling
Week 5:  Ginny Black, Composting in your Backyard

Week 6:  Tim Farnan, Event Recycling