Report hours

Volunteer Payback Guidelines

Master Recycler/Composters have many opportunities to help educate the public about waste prevention and reduction, recycling and composting. How you return your 30 hours (or more!) of volunteer payback is up to you.

Payback activities must meet the following criteria:

  • Activity must be located in Carver County or Scott County
  • Activity must be voluntary—not paid gigs
  • Must implement a system or program that diverts materials from the waste stream.
  • Provide one-on-one educational contact AND provide a meaningful educational and/or skill-enhancing experience for the volunteer.

Payback activities may include individual projects created by you and/or fellow classmates and approved by County staff. Activities may also be organized by the County staff and will involve working with other volunteers and local educational and solid waste programs.

Reporting Your Hours

Tracking volunteer outreach time is a vital part of the Master Recycler/ Composter program. It helps County staff know your activities and provides an official record of progress toward your 30-hour volunteer time commitment. This information also helps the counties track the work and recognize the benefits of the Master Recycler/Composter program.

When you report your payback hours, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Your name and email, Date of event
  • Name/description of event
  • Number of outreach hours
  • Number of preparation hours
  • Number (estimated) of people that you directly contacted
  • Number of people you think attended the event
  • The topic of the activity (e.g., residential recycling, plastics, e-waste, compost)
  • The type of activity (e.g., table, presentation, event participation)
  • Any comments you have about the event

Please remember to report your hours regularly. To report your volunteer hours, click below.