Inspire Others in Your Community

Carver-Scott Master Recycler/Composters are a volunteer group dedicated to inspiring others to reduce waste, recycle and compost at home and at work.  Through the Master Recycler/Composter program, you will gain the satisfaction of having an impact on these important issues. You will also meet others who are excited about waste reduction and join a growing community of Master Recycler/Composters.

Learn From The Experts

Master Recycler/Composters will be trained on waste prevention, recycling and composting through an extensive seven week course that features industry experts from the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.  Program topics include:

  • Social behavior change and application
  • History of waste hauling systems
  • Waste Prevention
  • Household Hazardous Wastes
  • Recycling outside the home
  • School recycling
  • Business recycling
  • Food Waste reduction
  • Food rescue/food-to-people
  • Commercial composting
  • Backyard and vermicomposting
  • Recycling process (curb to MN markets)
  • Residential recycling and waste hauling
  • Event and public space recycling

gain knowledge through tours

Tour recycling centers, compost facilities, and hazardous and municipal waste sites to see firsthand how these systems work.  A majority of the waste and recycling from Carver and Scott Counties is delivered to these facilities each year.

Join the team 

You will be a part of the first class of Carver-Scott Master Recycler/Composters!  Join others from Anoka, Dakota and Hennepin Counties to inspire residents in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Once training is complete, volunteer 30 hours to inspire action in your own community and earn your Master Recycler/Composter certification.  Participants are encouraged to continue volunteer service upon receiving the certification.

Volunteering opportunities may include staffing booths at events, working with local school districts, assisting cities with recycling in parks and public buildings, educating tenants in multi-unit complexes, and assisting County staff with waste reduction and recycling projects.

Community organizations can request help from a Master Recycler/Composter by viewing the "Looking For A Volunteer" page.